Beimco BV
Electrical and Automation

E&I Engineering Consulting

Electrical Engineering

Design, develop, and test electrical devices and equipment, including communications systems, power generators, motors, and electrical systems. From the initial concept and first design, to the testing, implementation and handover stage

·        Electrical engineering safety by focusing on developing electrical engineering safety technologies like circuit protection devices (ground-fault circuit interrupters, circuit breakers, and fuses), designed to shutoff or automatically limit the flow of electricity when an overload, a ground-fault, an overload, or a short circuit happens in the wiring system.

·        Explosive atmospheres in the workplace (ATEX95/137), hazardous area classification zoning, and equipment categorizing based on the ATEX requirements and hazard zone area.

·        Power generation, grid and Transformer design and calculation, MV/LV power distribution, Single line Diagram, Busbar and switch sizing

·        Electrical motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) selection, Motor Control Center and Electrical supply and distribution - LV and MV Systems

·        Lighting protection systems

Process Control

Engineering consulting services to design and monitor the quality, safety, and efficiency of control systems in production plants including oil and gas, petroleum, refinery, petrochemical, chemical and food industries

·        Define the process control and safety communication to third party as well as control centre.

·        Control and safety system (DCS/SIS) migration or upgrade study and procedure

·        Process control and safety system architecture design and specify the requirements

·        To provide required documents for vendor in the system implementation including I/O lists, range, alarm and trip setting (RATS), cable block diagram, HMI graphics.

·        Process description and the philosophy of the process control, operation and maintenances procedures.

·        Instrumented safety narrative including the cause and effect diagram, shutdown hierarchy, override philosophy and operation/maintenance actions

Power and Energy Management

Consulting and engineering services on the energy management by planning and operation methodology on energy production, power distribution and consumption.

·    ·        Optimization the existing power generation to increase the energy conversion efficiency to decrease the energy loss. The sustainable energy solutions economical (CAPEX/OPEX) and feasibility study and provide the best solution. 

·        Building energy management by improving the consumers efficiencies like heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by replacing the fixed AC electrical motors to controlled EC electrical motors, Lighting efficiency and optimization, heat pumps and insulation technics.

·        Domestic, commercial or industrial consumers data gathering and monitoring the power consumption in the buildings, industrial areas, distribution networks and analysis for identifying the power loss or out of standard.