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Electrical and Automation

Automation and Control Systems

PLC Integration (Hardware-Software)

Utilize latest technology to improve, streamline and automate a manufacturing process by implementing measuring the process using sensors, digitize the measured process to incorporate in the control logic performed with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and finally actuation in different actuators based on the applications such as valves, pumps, pistons, heaters or robotic arms as the following tasks:

·        Overall automation system architecture design including network layers, third part interfacing, communication protocols as well as define the network components like switches, servers, routers, firewalls etc. Industrial Network Security implementation using layers of protection accesses 

·        Selection the control system components like CPU, I/O cards, communication, power supply, memory, drivers. Design and prepare the control panel location layout arrangement.

·        PLC and SCADA programming with ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), instruction list (IL) and sequential flow chart (SFC) methods.

·        Industrial automation application development like manufacturing Execution System (MES), robotic process automation (RPA) to implement Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities and other application due to the client requirements.

Rotating Machinery Control System

Beimco cooperates with Petrotech in rotating machinery control systems engineering and manufacturing services in Benelux, France and Germany. The Petrotech mechanical drive solutions (pumps and compressors) provide end users with a variety of unit control options to protect the machine from unsafe operating conditions and optimized algorithms match the machine’s throughput to varying process requirements. Our generator drive solutions provide your unit the capability to operate in isochronous or droop mode and when necessary switch between the two modes. This operational flexibility allows you to extend Black Start capabilities to designated machines to increase system availability and reliability.

·        Gas Turbine: The control systems provide complete or partial control system retrofits for gas turbine driven packages for compression, power generation and pumping applications. These systems provide replacement and enhancement controls for outdated electro-hydraulic, analogue-electronic, relay and pneumatic based control equipment

·        Steam Turbine: The advanced steam turbine controls for compressor and generator drive applications feature an integrated control package that provide speed and capacity control. Overspeed protection is implemented in both the software and hardware. For generator drives, the controls also provide turbine steam flow control, temperature control, sequencing/protection and communication interfaces.

·        Centrifugal Compressor: The compressor control solutions provide the user with a wide range of flexible and economical compressor control and protection capabilities. Our multiple algorithms allow us to easily install the most cost effective and technically appropriate ASC solution for a wide variety of compressor process applications and configurations, including side stream flows and variable molecular weight applications

·        Generator: Open Architecture (OA) solution, the generator control is integrated into a complete driver/generator total skid control system that results in lower cost of ownership by reducing intersystem complexities