Our mission is to connect Iranian and European markets


We bridge Iranian and European markets

Beimco has been founded in the Netherlands on a solid and strong technical and engineering experience to facilitate trading between Iranian and European firms.  The Iran oil and gas resources have created huge opportunities in a new market entire world. Our team with technical background and wide connections in Iran and Europe are proud to give consultancy services to the Iranian and European companies to develop their connection and trading.




Beimco provides its clients with optimized consulting services in Business, Engineering , Investment  and Management in the fields of petrochemical, oil and gas, water and energy sectors. Please find our brochures on consulting services here


  • Professional business modeling base on the products and services.
  • Promotion products and services in the market of Iran and Europe.
  • Direct trading and procurement between Iran and Europe


  • Managing technology transfer and European know-how to Iran
  • Iran-Europe Engineering firms joint venture establishment
  • Facilitate the training courses for Iranian companies



  • Evaluate and introduce Iranian projects to investors
  • Introduce Iranian potential investment opportunities
  • Investment risk assessment mitigation consulting


  • Communication and customer management consulting
  • Information management and decision making support
  • Material supply and financial management


In addition to consulting services, Beimco gives some training workshops for companies who want or in business with Iran as follows:

Doing successful business in Iran

This workshop introduces the challenges and opportunities of business in Iran Iran. This program includes the four following section:

  • Business with Iran - People Life Style: Gives some introduction about the Iran and people
  • Business with Iran - Working Culture: Information about the working culture in Iran
  • Business with Iran - Business Development: Beneficial information for developing business in Iran
  • Business with Iran - Petroleum Market: Explain the Energy, oil and gas market of Iran

Invest in Iran

In this workshop the following items will be presented:

  • Investment opportunities in Iran
  • Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act” (FIPPA)
  • Iranian Petroleum Contract

About us

Peyman Shahsavari - Managing Director

Peyman has MSc degree in the electrical engineering, with more than 20 years’ experience mainly in oil and gas projects. Peyman has started his professional work in 1995 in Iran in a couple of engineering activities including telecommunication, oil/gas, energy and etc. He worked in a couple of companies till his migration to the Netherlands in 2008.
In 2008, Peyman was hired by Fluor BV in the field of oil and gas and started a new professional life in the Netherlands. After 7 years technical experience in the Netherlands, Peyman established Beimco in 2015 for connection making between Iranian and European industrial firms. In this company Peyman is giving consultancy services to Iranian and European companies who are willing to develop their business in these regions. 
Beimco has four mission lines including business development in planning and operational trading, Engineering services in technology transfer and special services, Investment solutions according to the Iran laws and regulation and management consultancy including communication, supply chain, decision support customer relationship management services.